Sunday, June 24, 2012


Dear Emma,
Isn't it fun to have Rosa over Emma.  It was fun to sleep with her and you overnight.  I am glad Greg was here though.  We just went outside.  You keep moving so we don't have a great picture of the two of you.   I will be down for nap by noon.  Grandpa will play with Rosa.  Emma will you need a nap with me?  Or time with them?  Or a bit of both.  Hope this video works and I save it.  We all love Rosa so much.  She made this all by herself at age 5 with my iPhone!  Amazing.  She said to save it for when I am not feeling good and miss her.  Emma it was so cute how you cuddled up with her and with me too.

It is warm out and Emma you didn't want to be outside long in the fenced yard.  I think too sunny.  Thanks for helping me pick up a few things.  Mostly you can relax a bit with Rosa here to help also and Greg.  A big nap for me (us?) this afternoon.

See if this works.  

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