Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hanging in There

Hi to All,

We had a quiet day. Emma and I did go with Greg on a simple errand to get out of the house and get some prescriptions. We took it easy. Emma is enjoying a light snow. We have at least an inch and it is still snowing. I am not sure how much they expect. There might be a snowstorm Tuesday night. Emma would be thrilled. Safe to say some of us Minnesotans are ready for the snow to melt and spring to come.

I am glad to feel better. I do not mean to complain and worry I give too much information about my health? I have heard that two of my MS friends are having problems with their MS. Another friend of mine with MS has a son that needs heart surgery again. I know others with other health problems too. I just want to brag and inform you of how great Emma is in helping me. I do know many people have health problems, especially as they age.

I don't know if I shared this. One day I was working on laundry from a basket. I was folding white socks and underwear. This time for some reason I started without the help of Emma. Gosh she got her nose right in there and let me know that was "her job".
She was not happy with me doing it alone. Once she could grab the laundry items out and hand them to me she was so excited. Her tail wagging away as she did her job.

She has been equally enthusiastic about picking up objects and doing other jobs for me. She is alway eager to do what is needed. I just think when I slow down, I need her more and notice more carefully her reaction to her jobs. She is just great. Helping paws and Judy and family did a great job of trainning her.

Thanks for the supportive email I have received. I enjoy comments about the blog also. I know I have been writing a long time over five years. Some of you have been reading all these years.

When I was in ER the nurse was telling me she had a lab and 18 month old triplets. The lab was young but I am not sure what age. She told me how helpful the lab was learning to be and about Emma's skills. Everyone I meet who has a lab agrees they are wonderful family dogs and also enjoy helping. It is fun to be out with Emma and hear stories from others about their dogs. That is when I have the time to visit with them.

My best to all of my readers and the struggles that they run into in life. I know health issues are one that many people battle.
I hope you find support from family and friends and your pets to make it through the bumps in the journey of life.

Hope your weekend went well. Let's hope this is a good week for all.

Mary and Emma

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