Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today the thought for the day is Friends - How wonderful they are part of our lives.

Today I was able to be with two special friends that I don't see often. The temps were 55 and sunny part of the day. What could be better? Emma and I had a great day. Since I don't drive and with the health struggles - I think I am even more aware and appreciative of things like friends. Friends who come over or take me places. Friends that call me and I them for support. I don't have tons of friends but I do have wonderful, generous, inspiring friends who enrich my life in so many friends. A few I have known over 30 or 25 years. How blessed I am.

Emma and I are relaxing tonight. We had a great nap. She enjoyed being outside on a nice day like today. We had a nice day. Got out of the house for awhile and had time at home. A nice balance. Greg is working a lot.

I have a funny story to share about Rosa age 4 - my granddaughter.

Grandma, I love my job!!
Yes my Job is to be a little kid! Yep, that is my job and I love it.
How come?
I get to play and play and play and have fun. It's a great job Grandma!

I hope you have good friends to help you in life's journey. May you have a good evening and day tomorrow. I guess I can't think of a lot to say. We are doing okay.

Mary and Emma

I don't know where she heard that being a little kid was her "job" but it amused us. She is such a sweetie. Seeing her last night was so enjoyable. Friday she is sleeping over and I will take care of her much of Saturday also. I love being with her. She is also very good with Emma.

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