Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday = Water Exercise

Hurray we made it to water exercise today. I was so tired as I did not sleep well but still so glad I went. Funny everyone there was tired and said it was tough to adjust to day light savings time. We did not have class till 11 am but we were all dragging. Remember we all have MS. No wonder none of us work at the current time. With our disabilities, fatigue issues, cognitive issues and other things just making it to class is a lot of effort.

Once we get there the socialization is fun and the exercise so good for us. Emma doesn't seem to mind at all. She is on her towel laying so nicely by the pool. No problem at all. The little children who swim in the class before us love to see her and wave and talk to her. I don't let them pet but remind her she likes when they wave at her. They like that and Emma honestly seems to also.

I am hoping to read this afternoon. I am trying to sleep less today during the day to see if I can sleep better at night tonight.
We are very excited because Mike and his family are coming over to see us tonight. That will be fun for all. I haven't seen Rosa for a few weeks. I always enjoy seeing her. Sophia can't come but I will see her next time.

Our thoughts for today are with the people in Japan!! Oh my gosh how do you survive physically and emotionally such a horrible ordeal. The news videos are so shocking and I am sure don't capture what it truly is like for those who live there. I can't imagine searching for your family, loosing your home and the natural disaster. I worry for them about the nuclear threat also. It makes my problems pretty small in comparison. It is just unbelievable what has happened there. Prayers don't seem like enough, donations to the Red Cross help - but I wish I could do more to ease their suffering and pain.

So today I am hugging Emma, appreciating my home and neighborhood and that my family is healthy and doing well. I am blessed to have a great family and friends. Let me not sweat the small stuff when people in Japan are being challenged to face such horrid circumstances.

It is raining here and getting warmer. Snow is melting. When Emma plays outside she comes in pretty wet today - both from the rain and from the wet wet snow she is still enjoying rolling in.

May the day treat you well - love Emma and Mary

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