Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday - May Your Week Go Well

Warmer weather this week is good and daylight savings times gives us more light in the evening. Yeah for both of these. Emma and I were home all day but we also got outside. I had to rest a lot but Emma doesn't mind that...especially when we mix it up with times to play outside and inside. I appreciate her so much.

My scooter is going to get new batteries and then she and I will be ready for spring walks and outings. In May we will have camp if all goes as planned. That is such fun. I hope all my MS friends (Kathy you know this includes you) will be in good health and able to enjoy that experience with us.

I have several friends battling MS flare ups. I am glad to hear we are all experiencing some improvement. I am off the steroids, and on less eye drops per day. I feel like things are improving and are very glad for that. It will be good for Emma and I to have me feeling better and exercising a bit more. I will get to the pool both days this week and am so pleased about that.

Emma will be helping me with laundry tomorrow. Tonight she helped me pick up some things. I dropped some newpapers and she picked them all up. I just can't grip things well and if I bend down I get so dizzy I fall. So picking things up, retrieving, are all skills I bet we use every hour I am awake in a day. She is eager to help and her tail wags when asked to do this or other things. I think she really thinks it is like play to interact with me while doing chores. Helping Dogs are amzaing!!

We did get out on the weekend though I didn't write about it all. When we went to breakfast the place was crowded. The staff helped us find a table that had plenty of room for Emma. I let a young boy near us come over and pet her since his parents asked so nicely. I do this once in awhile to reinforce her skills in being great with others - especially children. Emma stayed in her drop position so well as he petted her. The young boy was very gentle with her. I am so proud of Emma.

I think about the Helping Paws staff and volunteers nearly daily. They can't imagine what a huge difference Emma makes in my life. It enriches every minute of my day. i love caring for her and appreciate she takes good care of me. I know I write a lot about it but gosh I still don't know if I capture how priceless and precious she is...thanks so much to all of you involved their or contribute to them.

May your week go well. Love Emma and Mary

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