Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday - fatigue

The visit to the lung doctor went well. Set up a plan to watch how things go and a bit of testing in April. I have the nicest medical team to work with.

MORE SNOW - Just an inch or so but fresh snow is fresh snow. Emma is happy. We will be home most the day today so I will make sure she gets out a lot.

Emma seems to snooze a bit more. I think maybe due to being 8? She still is very active when playing outdoors or exploring the yard. She is eager to go anytime we get to go some place. She is just so wonderful. I would be so lonely without her. She helps me be more independent. None of that is new news to you. I just continue to marvel at her abilities.

METRO MOBILITY - We got to ride on a new bus on the way to the dr. The ride was so much smooter for Emma who lays on the floor. Sometimes it is just too bouncy though to lay. On the way home she got a rare treat - the driver told me she could sit in the seat. Darn no camera with me. She looks so cure on the seat next to me peering out the window. I wonder what it looks like to the cars going by to see her head peering through the glass. She definitely likes it more than the floor.

Home Sweet Home - The drivers can tell when Emma is near home...especially when on the seat. Her tail starts a wagging as we turn down the street. Floor or seat she is so excited when that door opens and she knows it is for "us". I do sometimes have to remind her to go "slowly" down the steps if she gets too enthusiastic. Yep we both enjoy home sweet home.

We are going out for a late breakfast and that will be fun. We have a to do list of quiet, easy chores for the week and I think we will need a nap too. I think the day will fly by.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - Focus on your abilities. I am hearing so many people are ill with colds, flu, chronic conditions, and diseases. I think we need to appreciate our health even if there are problem areas. I know I am working hard to be more positive in attitude. I want to focus on what I "can" do and not the limitations.

Just got a call that my friend is almost here to pick us up. One more trip outdoors for Emma to play. We are going to make this a good day...even with my sunglasses on ha ha. Still a lot of photo sensitivity in my eyes. I might need cuter sun glasses if I am going to wear them so often ha ha.

Wishing you a great day and weekend. More later or tomorrow. i found a quote I want to share but no time at the moment.

Mary and Emma

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