Friday, March 4, 2011

An ER Visit

Emma did super at an ER hospital visit Friday. She was so good that one nurse honestly didn't realize she was there sleeping in the corner when I was ready to go home. they had to move me out of that room to do some tests and she stayed their patiently with my friend Karen who was so kind as to bring me in. She waited there with me for over five hours!

My problems were/are related to both MS and asthma today. I was sent home with medicine to take but if things get worse they plan to admit me for IV steroids and other things. I was sent home on a dose of steroids that is lower than when they give iv steroids and other meds to help bot MS symptoms to settle down, the asthma problems to calm down. I also received a different dose of the medication for my eyes to take for two weeks. I am having a lot of severe pain from it all. They tested me for blood clot in my lung and leg but happily both were negative. They were very thorough.

I am up due to severe pain that the medication is not relieving. I had little sleep last night and no nap today due to this problem. I keep thinking I will get that I will sleep no matter what. We will see. I live close to the hospital and I am to return if things get worse. i can also call my neuroligist or the asthma specialist if I need more help from them this weekend. I am told and believe I handle pain pretty well but gosh this is intense. It keeps waking me up.

My point in writing this is to mention how helpful Emma is. Boy she is tired too from getting up with me. She gets up anytime I do and lays by my side. Then goes back to bed with me as I try to sleep. She is at my side as I do leg stretching to see if that helps at all. She is incredible and I love her so much. You can never really understand how many ways Emma helps me in my life. She is my sweetheart and angel.

She was so calm and great at the hospital. We got lots of compliments from the various staff and doctors who helped me. I am glad for both are sake that we are home tonight.''

thanks for reading this. have a good weekend - love Emma and Mary

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