Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Trip to the Dr.

Emma was so good on the Metro Mobility buses today. We went to the diabetic specialist using this special bus system both ways. I am fortunate I qualify for this assistance. The rides can sometimes be long but it works so well...especially when using my walker or my scooter. Today went well. The other riders in the small bus also asked about we do some education on our outings. We also answered questions in the doctors waiting room. At least this part of my health is under control so that is very good to know.

Emma did great after a long nap, time outside, making dinner we went to the CUB grocery store. She does a great job while I am in a scooter to handle that place. Again she shows such great behavior. I am so proud to have her. People always ask about the organization who trained her so we are more than pleased to help promote Helping Paws in our little outings.

I think since I have a scooter I also go from end to end in the store. Because I am not walking I think i will venture to the clear other side of the store to get things..go back and meet up with my husband and continue in this manner. Emma gets more walking in I think than if I myself could walk down one aisle and then another in a methodical way. I don't think she minded at all.

Tomorrow we have another Dr appointment to check up on my lung function. Another trip on Meto Mobility. Emma will handle it all fine I am sure. I think the medications have helped so we will see what Dr. Amy thinks when I talk with her. It is however a good thing I don't drive. Gosh my vision is so crazy tonight. It was very hard at Cub to read the signs by the aisles, the names on products and peoples faces seemed fuzzy. This is all likely due to the MS stuff I am dealing with in the eyes. I just hope it gets better sooner rather than later but I can cope with this. Just seems weird. Like your brain isn't right.

I use to work in church work also, so tonight am glad to help Greg type on some things for his mission trip to Memphis with College Youth. He has it in a form I can read good enough and I know most the keyboard by heart so he will check how my typing is. I use big font on a big screen and then he will reduce it to what he needs. I don't know if that makes sense. It is at least something meaningful that I can help him with.

Hope your health is okay as you read this. In MN around us there are so many people with colds, flu or other major problems. I have so many friends with MS problems, or other big illnesses to deal with also. So I guess you go one day at a time and count your blessings.

Hope your Friday goes well for you. Emma and I will have a lot of time alone during the day this weekend. I should pull out the camera. Thanks for following our blog. Thanks again to Judy and all the Helping Paws folk for giving me Emma to share my life with.

Love, Mary and Emma

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