Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Hi To All,

It is a sunny March Sunday. Looks can be deceiving though because it is only 31. In Jan that would feel like a hot wave but in March it is a bit disappointing. Especially when last year in MN we had such an early spring. Emma though is happy with this. The about 8 inches of snow we got earlier in the week is still around. The sun does hit her back yard for long so there is plenty of snow for her to play in. She is delighted.

Greg was outside with Emma for over 45 min he said while I napped. She came in feeling cold and a bit wet on her nose to give me kisses. Fun to wake up to her kisses even if she is a bit cold. She snuggles right in beside me and happily napped. She is a great companion.

She went out earlier in the morning too. She really enjoys her fenced back yard. A few dog toys were discovered by my granddaughter a few weeks ago when due to weather in the 50s for several days and some rain- we had lots of melting. She and Emma too loved discovering toys that somehow were hidden under the snow. What fun.

Emma again amazed the audience when she was so quiet and well behaved when Greg an I went to a movie Saturday. Except for seeing "Tangled" with our granddaughter and family - It has been well over a year since Greg and I saw a movie together. We finally saw "The King's Speech" and really enjoyed it. We agreed it was a powerful movie. Wanted to see it after all the awards it received and comments from friends.

Emma and I are doing laundry again. Not tons but seems like we have a lot considering there is just two of us? I suppose it is not really that much - just more of an effort for me. Emma of course is a great helper. It is so funny how excited she gets when she sees the laundry basket.

We are working to get Emma to help more with recycling. She is happy to pick up the item or I mean take it from us (cans, bottles, newspaper) now we are working on "putting it in the container". Now she has always been willing to do this when we walk and show her exactly "where" to "put" it. We often use paper bags and that can be tough for her to put it in on her home...if that makes sense. i am trying another type of container. More like a crate thing. Anyway we both are having fun with it. I would like to be able to give it to her in another room and have her return it to the crate without me being in the room.
It is fun to work with her on this and I think we are making progress!

I have been reviewing again the list of skills she has. Yes Helping Paws staff i still have the manual from team training. I am seeing what skills we use less often and practicing them with her. Due to some changes in my abilities now and they vary from day to day - I think it would be helpful to work on these. So far Emma certainly is doing great.

She can do so much but there are times I haven't wanted her to do everything for me that she could. I need to keep up my abilities too. Now I need a little more help and of course she is eager to do it. Both Greg and I think it is exciting to her to do these things. She seems so happy to work for me.

We meet so many people when out and about. At the movie yesterday we met people who told me they give to Helping Paws, others who want to know what the organization was that we got her from. In our own little way we try to give some publicity to helping Paws. Those who give or are involved really seem to appreciate seeing a dog in action.

I am so attached to her. I had this horrid dream that I was in the hospital after an accident. They kept bringing me dogs vested and all , telling me it was Emma. Though they were identical in appearance i was so upset each time because I knew it was not my Emma. I knew her personality, I knew her eyes and her looks. I was so relieved to wake up and find Emma at my feet. Every once in awhile I have dreams like that. Yuck..

I was thinking though - the day I met her and found out she would be mine my reaction. I cried in the car and was so excited that I stayed in the car a long time. I believe Judy and staff grabbed lunch and came back and I was still there.. such a happy day. When I got home my husband and children kept saying "what does she look like?" "Why didn't you take a picture with your cell phone?"

I remember saying well she looks like all yellow labs. Greg chuckled and said once you have her you will never say that again. Boy was he accurate. She is unique in so many ways and her personality shines through. I would never say now that she is just like all yellow labs. I know her colorings, eyes, expressions, and reactions to things...

I met a person at Rochester when we went to Mayo Clinic. People are friendly there and talk often to you especially when you have a dog. He had worked with police dogs and told me some stories. When he asked Emma's age I told him 8. Well he insisted that she would only live a few more years! It shocked me he would be so blunt. It made me a bit teary. Well we are going to prove him wrong. I am going to continue to take great care of her. We have excellent vet care etc. Thinking about how long she might live really reminds me to appreciate all the moments with her.

The other "new thing" is that she seems to watch the tv sometimes now. She use to just play with me, snooze, and observe things. Now it appears she watches the action on tv. Not all the time but sometimes. it is funny to see her do that.

I am going to take her out again for some play time in the yard. It is nice enough weather that I sit longer and watch her play longer too. After being outside for awhie then I have a chair inside by the patio door. I can watch her play. She often watches to see if I am okay or just to see me. Then plays and then stops to look again. there seems to always be smells and things to keep her entertained.

We are just longing for days when i can sit outside in a lawn chair while she plays. I bring out water for both of us and a book or magazine and we just enjoy it so much. Spring is here by calendar but we are waiting for it to mean no more snow and warmer temps. Well, maybe not Emma.

I am going to try to take more recent pictures and get them up here. One issue is I tremor so much my pictures are often pretty blurry. Maybe if Greg can take some?

This is a picture from camp. We can't wait for May. It is actually now called MS - Majestic Shores Resort. But it seems more like a retreat for us. Mother nature, friends and volunteers all helping us spiritually and warming our souls!! It is in 7 weeks!!

Just 7 weeks!

Wishing you all a good weekend and week. I know some of you have spring flowers already but you don't live in MN ha ha.

Mary and Emma

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