Monday, March 28, 2011



Book Club is the best Monday of the month for us. We sit in a circle of chairs at a local book seller. Like always Emma was well behaved. The staff typically has a dog bowl of water for her also. They are familiar with her being there. At one time my daughters worked there, and I go there for book club and shopping too.

We had a great mtg discussing the book. We also talk about MS and offer some moral support to one another as need arises. One of the members is going through her first big relapse since her diagnosis. She is kind of scared as it is taking so long to recover even having been on iv steroids for it. We will able to reassure that it takes time and improvement might be more gradual than she is expecting. She and I have a great doctor. She is going back this week i think. There is nothing like the support of others who know what it is like to have MS.

One of the members is seriously thinking about applying or inquiring at least about getting a service dog. We were happy to share some information about my experience. She is going to call me again about it. Then call Helping Paws also. It will be interesting to see if she moves ahead on this.

My grasp is even more off than normal. Emma is picking up papers, and mail I dropped today. She kept giving me one iten and I would drop it again. She wags her tail and tries again to give it to me. She is a dear.

Yesterday I wrote such a long post. I guess this one can be shorter. Wishing you all a good week. Water exercise tomorrow and that wipes me out but is great too. Then a nap. Trying to get some paper work sorted, tossed, and filed this week also as time allows. I hate doing that and get so behind.

Thanks for y our interest and support. Have a great day. Emma is so happy there is still snow around. Hoping for 50's on the weekend. Last year it was int the 70's on this day and we had not had snow for a month!''

Mary and Emma

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