Monday, March 21, 2011

monday - May Your Week Go Well

Hi to All,

We are busy. Dealing with some things in life so haven't written as much for a few days. Also you might find us writing less until Friday or Saturday.

Emma is scamming us. Greg was gone last week for work to Memphis with college youth doing volunteer work. Now he is home. Well with the change of time Emma has been eating later. Well the smarty pants has gotten Greg to feed her early once yesterday and tonight for supper. Then when I awake from a late nap she gets me to feed her. Both times Greg was not in the house so I did not know that he had fed her!! She looks a little full to me or more tired. i suppose she has to digest extra food. Well we figured this out and she will be back to her regular food amounts tomorrow.

The yard is so muddy and not much snow. There really is not much to do outside so I am keeping her visits to the yard a bit shorter. She did go on errands with us today and got some indoor walking in that was not muddy like outside play. She will get more walking in the upcoming days also. My scooter is fixed and ready to go so that is great news for us also.

Greg is off for a few days though we went in with him to work for several hours today. It was the only way to work out our things to do. I take my ipad and read and took Emma outside there also. It wasn't as muddy as at my house. The weather warmer today but we could sure use sun. Rain tomorrow and I guess some snow on Wed.

Sat night we had a welcome home party with some of our family for Greg. My granddaughters were here and we had fun preparing. I was having a good day so we managed to cook lemon bars, bannana bread, and dinner for those who could come. It was great fun. We did sneak in a nap too and I sat outside witht hem while they played. Rested most of Sunday after such a busy day Sat. Today a bit fatigued.

Will go to water exercise tomorrow and that always is good for me.

Hope you have a good week. We have a lot going on so not sure if I will get to blog or not. Depends on my schedule and fatigue level. I guess some weeks are like that.

Wishing you a great week. Thanks for some of the fun emails I have been sent. I love hearing about your dogs!
Praying hard for the people in Japan and Lybya. And of course for the military families and soldiers from our country in so many areas. My great nephew is in the army,

Love to you, Mary

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