Monday, August 31, 2009

A Day OFF for Emma

Some of our book club went on the Alan and Alma boat cruise, Emma got the mid day off. Good thing. It was very very crowded on the bus and on the boat especially. She probably slept. she was glad to have me home but did fine.

On the boat was a musician. Turns out I use to babysit him when he was a baby. I knew his mother and father. In fact his mother made my wedding dress. It was delightful to meet him though we only got to talk to him for a few minutes. It was not till the end of the cruise that I realized his name and inquired. Small world.

Emma and I went outside and then took a big nap when I got home. I have been so tired lately. Bummer.

Emma and I have been outside many times. Low 70'a for weather,,sunny and nice out. We had to soak it up.

She did again alert me that my blood sugar was low. i bet she reads my body language? When I got home from my outing it went a bit low. I immediately had some carbs and rested and the situation got better. Thanks Emma.

We are tidying up a bit tonight. Cleaning woman comes tomorrow. We are NOT going to water exercise. This is a week off and no instructors. We could still use the pool but I just found out the person giving me a ride is not going. Too late for me to call metro mobility. I have to remember that next week the fall session starts as that means a time change.

My husband has been cooking every night for work. The university students who will be leaders among their peers are in training. MMMMmmm smells so good. Home cooking is enjoyable for the students and a good treat for their hard work.
Greg loves to cook.

I better get some work done around here. Tomorrow I hope to tackle some laundry among other things.
I think Emma and I will be home all day. Emma will like that we will be together all day like normal.

Wishing you a good day - Mary and Emma

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