Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nurse Emma is On Duty

Hi All,

Mary mostly rested today after a trip to the counselor. We rode Metro Mobility and I am getting more used to it. i would rather be on a seat than the floor though.

Rained almost all day. There was a tornado that did cause lots of damage near downtown Mpls and in South Mpls. Mary
's Aunt lives near there but is fine. The news was busy showing weather reports around the state and Wisconsin due to this tornado and others and the storms. Warnings for tonight's weather but where we live seems calm for now.

Mary and I hope to go to water exercise. We are going to bed early but that happens often. We will listen to the Twins Game as we rest. Don't let it fool you - Mary will be asleep in no time.

It did calm down so I could go to the bathroom outdoors. I hate going to the bathroom in the rain. I will show Mary I need to go but then run out and run right back in due to the rain...but a doggy eventualy has to do her business.

Off to bed. Thanks for the well wishes. Mary is still very sore and stiff but managing to deal with the pain the best she can.

Our thoughts are with those with much property damage due to the tornado. Last we heard the hospitals report no one coming in with injuries due to the tornado that appeared with no warning. That is just amazing...

Nurse Emma

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