Friday, August 21, 2009


Our friend Karen is doing well. Yeah and thank you God.

Today we were home. I had to rest. We watched a few tv shows, napped, and I read too. Tonight will be quiet too but we hope to watch MONK with Greg. Now he is watching the Vikings.

Emma and i went outside several times. Nice weather...not too hot and sunny. We have had so much rain and our waiting for the lawn service to cut our grass. It is geting so long.

Greg and I made supper together which was fun. Trying a new recipe we kind of created ourselves.

Tomorrow the granddaughters are staying overnight so we are all excited for that.

Emma is being wonderful helping me out today. She doesn't mind the napping, or snuggling while we read....she is such a great dog.

Mary and Emma hope you have a great weekend.

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