Monday, August 17, 2009

Dog gone Monday


Met someone at church who knows someone who is a foster parent for helping paws.
Also out to eat we met someone who also asked about helping paws.
At Target met a woman who wanted to talk about Helping Paws as her Aunt with MS was beginning to research getting a service dog...

so in our own way Emma and I spread the word about Helping Paws...


Emma and I got outside during the day - it wasn't as humid. I love my time outdoors with her.

Greg was off and we got some sorting done.

I sorted and shredded some paperwork which was badly needed.

I started to clean/sort some clothing and miscl things that have found their way into my bedroom

We also of course had to nap and relax.

Tomorrow we will go to water exercise.

Trying to chase some worries away but isn't that part of life's journey?

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