Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Emma as Photographed by my Rosa

Believe it or not this photograph was taken by my granddaughter Rosa who will be 3 in late October. At her height this was her view of Emma outside. I let her take several pictures (before I lost my camera on vacation) and it was interesting.

I have been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping...Monday was my birthday and I spent the day drinking clear liquids and then taking the prep for a colonoscopy. I really didn't mind the timing as I keep putting it off. My mom had colon cancer and my grandfather so this is an important test for me. My mom was in her 50's. I recall the surgery, the chemo therapy and all it took out of her. She had a terrible prognosis but then surprised her doctor. He was sure it spread and she lived till 85 getting it one more time...she was fortunate.

Well no sign of cancer..but the prep and I am assuming the drugs they gave me for the procedure sure made me tired. The prep is no fun but the procedure easy. It is well worth getting done though I hear not all insurance companies cover it now. Due to the family risk (my grandfather also had colon cancer) I will now have it done every 5 years.

So slept all day once I got home and evening yesterday. Canceled plans today and slept till almost 1. I do think we need a nap by 3 again. I don't think i will accomplish much today. Hope to go to water exercise and to visit friends in the nursing home tomorrow.

Emma is close at my side. Greg took her out awhile before he went to work. Due to working the evening today he stayed home till after 9. I took her out and my neighbor was out. Emma whined a bit to see her and Lucy was happy to come visit. Emma was so excited. She likes lucy.

I am glad I have insurance to help pay for needed tests. I had a physical recently and next week a mamagram. Getting things checked out I guess.

Hope all is well with you. We are doing fine - just sleepy.

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