Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Aren't these cute puppies? They are not going to be service dogs but I couldn't resist sharing the photos. Yeah Eileen what cute little ones. They are 2-3 weeks old in these photos.

Emma and I enjoyed water exercise. This time though at the end she started walking toward the water. The life guard got nervous grabbed her leash and petted her. I moved quickly closer to her to tell her to lay down again. What a surprise. It was as if she was alarmed?!!!

We couldn't figure out why. We were all heading out of the pool. But her body language and facial expression made me think she was concerned. Normally she stays calm till I get out and then remains calm as we go into the changing room. I do let the life gaurds to pet her once in awhile so she is comfortable with them. Well all turned out well.

Then at lunch i was not paying enough attention to her. For some reason she wandered a bit away from the stay. That never happens. But then I was not holding the leash as normal I do. So then I noticed. I told her firmly to get the leash - she did and then walked over to me. It was tough not to laugh as she had such an adorable expression. Again this surprised me. Normally I do hold her leash loosely but getting her to stay at a drop is normally not an issue at all.

So we got some time outside today also. It was warm/hot but more bearable than yesterday. Tomorrow we have two dr appts and a test too. Will be busy from 9-3 I think. Greg is off so will drive us. Nothing to worry about just things to tend to. Then we surely will need a nap.

May your day go well.... Emma and Mary

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