Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flash I Need My Camera

We need my mom. She passed a few years ago. She seemed to have a direct line to heaven when it came to lost articles. It is a Catholic Tradition to pray to St. Anthony. My mom would pray to him and no lie you often found the item before the end of the phone call....even if you had looked for hours.

It appears that on vacation I lost my camera. We have gone through all the bags, jackets and now the car but no camera. Up north I retraced my steps but no camera. You would think I would give up but something nags at me thinking we will still find it.
We looked at new cameras and even bought one for me. I hate to use it as i still keep hoping mine will show up. Call me hopelessly optimistic in this matter??!!!

I love to take pictures of the granddaughters and my children. We were at the parish picnic for Greg's work and they had fun. But I had no camera. The one on my camera is not good as I have a very cheap camera. Emma also was loving the park but I couldn't take photos of her either.

Whine whine. We had a good day. The sleepover was fun. Sophia, Rosa and I slept in bed together. Somehow I fell out of bed. I am fine though. We had a good time.

Emma does NOT like Rosa in the middle of the bed. She did sleep in the living room with Greg. She tried to squeeze in with us but that was too many on the bed ha ha.

So when they leave Emma likes being our "baby". The girls are good to her though.

Here's hoping you don't loose your camera and have a good weekend. I will let you know if "my" prayers to St. Anthony work.
Hey Mom can you hear me in heaven???

Mary and Emma

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