Thursday, August 20, 2009

Medical News Today


This has been a day of medical news. Our friend Judy Hull was finally able to go home from the nursing home rehab and is delighted. We think she will need some time to build up her strength but are so happy for her.

Our friend karen just found out she has a large blood clot in her brain that they are dealing with at the hospital. Found in the nick of time it appears to have caused no damage. More tests will occur this weekend and she will be in while being treated. We are so shocked and grateful. she has MS but it is a coincidence that this occured and not related to MS. The condition itself is rare they said. Prayers welcome

Mary went to the doctor and was given a muscle relaxant for nights. The Dr. wil call on Monday to check to see if things are better. If not they will do xrays and also refer to physical therapy. The spasms have been difficult to manage but maybe a good night sleep will help. Also alternating heat and cold and resting the back for a few more days.

We plan a quiet Friday. Hope all is well with you

Nurse Emma

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