Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wed Wishing You a Good Day

Very humid today and warm for us. I had a Dr. appt for a med check and a counseling appointment. Common for people with MS to battle depression problems. And yeah my mammagram which I mention if you have put yours off like i have. Can't spell it but gosh get yourself in to be screened.

Greg was off so we went to a movie this afternoon - it was relaxing and cool. We saw The Proposal and liked it. But we are Sandra Bullock fans and needed something to get our minds off other concerns.

Emma and I tried it outside. She got out enough for bathroom breaks but she didn't even want to chase a ball or frisbee. Just too warm in her fur coat. She stood at the door waiting to go in even before I told her it was time to go in. Such a cute girl.

It is suppose to be hot the rest of the week. We are not going for our evening walks with the scooter as it just still feels too warm for me. Heat is so hard on people with MS. Though sometimes I handle it much better than others!!!

I am sorry this seems so boring today. Emma has been just great but I can't think of a certain thing to mention or anything. Just so good to me all the time. I still find it so darn cute that when at the doctor and they call "MARY" she is so alert. Head up. Sometimes she will stand before I can get up. She knows that is us.

We have water exercise tomorrow and I am not sure if anything else will come up or not. Lately after water exercise I am so tired we don't get much done at all the rest of the day. I do feel better though with so much less pain. We have physical therapy on Friday and she always says don't ever miss swimming it is so good for you...

PGA is here in town. I can't imagine being a spectator due to the cost, the heat, and the crowds but lots of people are so excited. The MN Twins are doing just terrible and I am a loyal fan but gosh they need to put money into pitchers next year I guess. Did I hear yesterday they let the other team score 16 runs and it was not a very good team????

Emma and I wish you a good day... Mary

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