Sunday, August 2, 2009

Emma at a lakeside dinnner

This picture was taken at the Angry Trout in Grand Maris. We ate dinner there and oh how Emma looked longingly at the water. I am sure she was thinking - can't I get in and swim? She was so well behaved here even as fish jumped near us. We had just beautiful weather on our trip. Rain a bit here and there but it never interfered with our plans - we adapted. Rain showers didn't last long.

Yesterday the family birthday party went just great. All had a good time. Emma and I are resting today. Saturday we were busy preparing for the party with the family. We had four birthdays to celebrate over the past two weeks. So we had one big gathering. Yummy italian food menu - Greg is an awesome cook. I did help but he is the main cook these days.

We slept really late. After Friday fun with Jan going to lunch and shopping. the Twins Game Friday night and a party Saturday - a lot going on for two days. I hope to get a few more chores done but mostly need to relax and rest today.

Hope all is well with you. Emma is doing fine. She slept late today too. I guess from all the activity yesterday...

Enjoy family and friends,

Love mary and Emma

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