Friday, August 7, 2009

This and That

Another photo of Rosa. Sophia is finishing up camp and Rosa is so lonesome. Rosa loves to have her picture taken so here is another cute one I thought. It was taken a week or so ago. I need to get some of Sophia.

Hurray Emma and I are enjoying a much needed rainy day. A good long lasting rain...hope are poor grass and gardens can soak this up it is so dry. I am happy to say it has been raining for hours...we have waited months and months for this type of rain. Emma however does not like to go outdoors to go to the bathroom in the rain. She has a strong bladder. It is cute because she will venture out just so far and then darts right back in. I tried standing at the patio door and even going out into the rain with her but no luck yet. We are going out for a quick outing with Jan so she likely will go then?

Tonight is the wedding reception for my dear brother John and wonderful new sister-in-law Leeanna. I am looking forward to the celebration.

Family is so important to me. EMMA is a special person in my family. As the months and years pass I think my children, and my siblings and friends see more and more how much Emma means to me. She sure has enriched my life. She means so much to me.

At swimming yesterday Emma had to be at a little different location to watch water exercise. She layed on the towel so good. But I was in the deep water and a teen jumped off the diving board so close to me. They are not suppose to use the diving board at all when we are in class. Well Emma got up quickly and walked to the water edge. I had to assure her that I was alright. She was very concerned. It all settled down as the life gaurd stepped in to remind the young man no diving while the class was taking place. Emma scooted a bit closer to the pool then she was orginally (I think she wanted to see better what was going on) and layed down. I let her stay there as it was not in the way at all.

I better get some chores done. This blog is about Emma and my life I guess. I am so bummed about loosing my camera and some great pictures...oh well life goes on.

Have a great day. Emma and Mary

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