Saturday, August 22, 2009

A New Baby and New Grandma

Happy News - my friend Jan is a new grandma. Welcome Henry Robert Schulz and congratulations to his family.

Unfortunately my friend Judy who came home Friday is back in the hospital. Karen is home but following a routine to go to the dr for blood tests daily for now. I was glad to hear some good news.

Rosa and Sophia are staying overnight. We are having a blast. Watching a kids show before happy to have them here.

Wishing you a good weekend. Heard Jack Michurski who helped trained Emma is off to college tomorrow. How can the years fly by? I was his teacher!!! In 5th grade!!! Thanks Jack for helping with Emma and best wishes on this new venture. Best wishes to Judy too as she adjusts to another child leaving home.

Happy Weekend...Mary and Emma

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