Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Emma and i Babysat Today

Rosa the beautiful baby is growing up so fast. Don't you love the photo with her Mommy and big sister on her first Mother's Day and now here she is two years old. Emma and i are crazy about the granddaughters. Oh we had such fun with Rosa today.

Rosa and i colored, played with a dolly, rested, read, colored some more, sang songs, cuddled, watched Dora the explorer, and more...wel had such fun. When Daddy came to pick her up she said "NO, stay Grandma's House". Her Daddy did stay for a little bit and then she left more willingly. She even got to see Grandpa for a little bit. What a special girl. She sure brightened out day.

We watched Emma from INSIDE the patio door and her trips outside were fast. the top temp her was -6. Tomorrow we are suppose to wake up to -21 degrees at 8 am. Some out of the metro area schools will start late. Metro area schools will likely run on time. Parents will have to decide if they can drive kids to school, keep them warm in cars at the bus stop, or keep them home with them. It is much to cold for a child to walk to school or even wait minutes at the bus stop. Brr. Emma will get only short trips outside that are needed.

There is swimming tomorrow but I will wait to hear if the woman who drives me wants to go out in such weather. She has a very reliable car at least. I jusr don't know if we want to venture out or not. I do have a very warm coat though and there won't be snow tonight.

Back to today. When Rosa and I were watching from inside the patio door - Rosa would echo my words when I called Emma in - it was so cute. Emma rushed in. But while outside in this frigid weather for a bit she layed in the snow like it was a sunny day!! Doesn't she get cold doing that? Under my watchful eye she was not ourside long at all...

Rosa gave Emma lots of hugs. It was and enjoyable afternoon.

We are tired and going to bed and to read a book tonight...Emma won't mind snuggling in early with me. She won't mind at all.

Also in my picture you can see my eye problem. You might have noticed in other photos. They believe this weakness in being able to hold up my eye open is due to MS. It is more noticeable as I tire. When I worked we kidded you could tell the time by my eye as it drooped more when I tired. Makes it tough to say to others "I am not tired" when you really are tired. Greg says he also knows I need rest when "Emma looks tired" she tends to nap with me.

We had such a wonderful afternoon. Rosa gave lots of hugs to Emma. At one point Rosa was laying on her sleeping bag with a pillow and blanket resting and Emma was very close on her own pillow beside her. I wanted to snap a picture but did not get the chancel I did not want to wake Rosa who almost fell asleep...what an angel she is.

I wish I saw Sophia as much as Rosa but of course she is in school She is also so precious.

Have a good night mary and Emma

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