Monday, January 12, 2009

Emma' Snowy Yard

I tried to get a good picture of Emma but didn't. She was on the move and I got cold (I need warmer boots). So in these pictures you will see the pretty snowy evergreen in our yard, the lonesome barbeque that we haven't used since Christmas, and Emma playing by the playground. She loves having this space to exercise. I am in the yard too with her. It was a bit cold for how I was dressed so we were not out there long when I had the camera.

You won't believe this...we went to a movie again. Three movies in four days. I don't often see that many movies in a theater in a year or so. She with a different friend I went to Bride Wars. It was cute and took my mind off other things. Like marley in Me though i wish they didn't show so many of the key seens on tv interview shows or comercials or previews. Many parts would be funnier if they were a surprise. But Emma and I had fun

We came home to play outside and then took a nap. We probably have over three inches by now. I think it is still lightly snowing too. Swimming tomorrow so I hope it is not too slippery for those who drive there. Driving home from work was hard for everyone according to Greg and my sister and kids.

Emma came in with a very snowy nose after playing with me. I will try to get more pictures of her in the snow soon.

Off to relax - Mary and Emma

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