Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Emma's Birthday is in Two Days

My "baby" will be six on Friday. My granddaughters will be here for a party and sleep over if all goes as planned. I think it will be fun for all.

Today, Wed we went to my counselor which was supportive. For those who might be leery or talking to a counselor Know for me it has helped me cope in so many areas of life. Rosa and Mike now come over Wed afternoons for a few hours so that I can babysit while Mike has a class. It is such fun.

Rosa is good with Emma. Rosa and I rested (she couldn't quite fall asleep so we watched a children's show). She was so thrilled that Emma layed in the bed with us. Then we colored for a long time. Emma just watched us. We played blocks and with her play food...Emma liked those activities because I even sat on the floor for awhile (yes I could get back up by pulling myself up by the couch)...we had a nice afternoon.

We also sang songs. Then Rosa made up some of her own including singing about Emma. It reminded me why I liked being home with my children and doing daycare. I am so glad to have this time with glad she is so good with Emma.

Emma liked being outdoors with me several times today. My son took her out once also. It was a good day. Both Emma and I took a late nap after Rosa left. It takes energy to keep up with a two year old.

Hope you have a good day. I need to go get a few chores done and then head to bed...Emma and Mary

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