Friday, January 16, 2009

The Truth About Emma


You mean so much to me Emma
I talk to you during the day or night
I never am alone with you there
I appreciate your help with tasks you have learned
Yet more amazing to me is your "presence"
I do not even know how to share with others
All the ways you are present to me
You wrap your paws around me so often when we lay in bed
It is like you are hugging my arm
Like you are showing by your body language
We are a strong team Mary
Don't give up even on a day when you feel blue or depressed

Or when we read or watch tv
You have choices of where to lay
You have that comfy pillow/bed
And you lay their often by choice or if told to do so
But when I need someone to cuddle
I don't have to say a word
You are up sharing the love seat with me
I think you like that more than the bigger couch
Our bodies are closer
You like to lay your paw on me
Again physically reminding me we are a team
Where would i be without you Emma

I began this blog thinking i could help others understand
What it was "really" like to have a service dog
I think because I was always curious
How was it like having a "pet" dog
How was it different
Was it a lot of work too
How do you know if the dog will like you
And so many other questions.

So many people have read
so many words that I have written
Trying to capture what you mean to me
Yet I can't do it justice
You are like my life line in the game of life
You are my safety net when I either physically or emotionally need help to venture forward
You are so affectionate
I didn't think any dog could "hug" you back but you do

You also sometimes cuddle in bed
On Greg's side of the bed at naptime
Or if we go to bed early.
You lay face to face now
You look in my eyes
You put your paw on me
This week it seems like you are saying
Don't give up even if discouraged or worried about things
We are in this together
And you are never alone

Greg goes to work
My children are venturing into their own lives
Emma is 100% here all the time

There was a time I was so depressed I couldn't get out of bed
Emma gets me out of bed
Emma kisses and nudges me if I nap too long because I don't want to remember my concerns/worries
Emma is like a physically present gaurdian angel to me
Always in my corner
Unlike a human I never seem to offend her
I never feel like a burden to her
I never worry I bothered her by calling at the wrong time
I never have to apologize for needing her help

Her birthday is the 23rd of January
WAs she born just to find her way into my life
Was she God's gift to me to help me face hard issues?
Health problems
Economic issues
Other worries and concerns

To be sure I need the physical help
I will likely need it more as the disease progresses
But she is so much more to me...

Emma you will be six years old
On please God guide me to provide the best care
So she has a long life...
I can't imagine coping without
My Beloved Emma


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