Monday, January 19, 2009

Four Days till Emma's Birthday

The picture is of my daughter Becky and her husband Justin in their new home. I thought it would be fun to share. We enjoyed seeing it for the first time yesterday. We brought a load of her things over for them.

Today the strangest thing happened. For the first time in over three years Emma got very upset. I guess she "freaked". This is what happened. We were at the lung specialsits for test. To do this one I had to sit in like a chamber type thing and then there was aparatus that I had to breathe into.

Well Emma got upset. She would not remain laying down, would not sit, she wanted to be by me with her head on my lap. That would not work for the test. Then we tried placing her in a drop stay closer to me but that did not work. Fortunately my husband was in the waiting room. So she went out there and was fine with him. She has been there before and done fine but never in that room with that thing I had to sit in.

I dont' know if she could sense how nervous I was about the visit. Or maybe the room set up and the thing I had to be in upset her? The other thing is to guide you in your breathing they use a load voice and kind of yell at you. Telling you to breathe in or out and for how long. Whatever she was not a happy camper.

I do go again in two weeks. If I go by Metro Mobility and am alone one of the nurses their said she would be happy to walk Emma around if needed. I think the regular exam room is just fine for her. I do have tests again next time but i don't think in that specific room...we will see.

The rest of the day Emma did great. We went shopping to see if we could find any bargains. Then to Target for some groceries, and a few things. There they had a scooter. At the first place I walked with a cart so it was like a walker for me. i was very slow but got some exercise so that is a good thing. I am trying to loose weight.

Then we ended the day meeting my friend Jan at Barnes and Noble. We looked at books a bit but mostly sat in the coffee shop and chatted. That was really nice so we had a good day.

We are going to have a yummy supper. Greg is making a fish chowder that has lots of vegetables. It does not have a cream base so it should be okay calorie wise. I hope we get to bed early since we got up early and did not nap.

Emma is doing just fine. Her birthday is Friday - she will be six. i bought her a present and I will keep both you and her surprised about it all. I have tests at Mercy Hospital but it will be out patient on that day. I hope I will feel okay so the granddaughters can come over at night and celebrate with us. I think they will enjoy a candle and cake or cupcakes - something special. I have a pouch of a special food for Emma's treat that day.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope I don't complain too much. Emma is such a joy in my life. Out shopping there were many children since there was no school. They are so impressed by the smallest things she does. One elementary school age boy was so cute. He yells over to me "Hey Lady" so when I responded he said "DO you know what a beautiful dog yo have? She is like the best dog ever!!" Of course I agree.

The only difficult part of our outing was the not letting children pet her. They were so disappointed but I reminded them she was working. Several mothers and grandmothers took time to explain to their children what it meant to be a working dog.
Everyone was very respectful and I appreciate that.

Have a good night. I am so excited about Obahma's election tomorrow...we need a change and I hope good things come in this year.....

Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

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