Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snow is Coming?

They predicted a big snow today starting at noon. It is 2 pm and no sign of snow yet. Sorry Emma. i know she would like the snow very much. She loves snow so much.

My husband Greg got very energetic and tackled cleaning a closet that is mostly his (a few things of mine) that also meant i started sorting some of my clothes and my shoes too. Poor Emma was in the same room wondering what was going on. She couldn't jump on the bed there was too much stuff being sorted. Then she snuggled into her bed and i was sorting some things and it all tumbled on top of her. She looked so surprised though she layed their so quietly till I told her she should move.

A charity is coming to pick up clothing on Tuesday and so that got us moving on our New Years Resolution. I have gone through most my clothes last year. Now I need to loose some weight so I can purchase clothes and actually feel like they look good on me. I am limited in how much I can exercise since my walking is limited but will keep up with water exercise. We both also hope to eat healthier. Gosh I hope it helps my weight and my health. I am really down about it all. Clearing out old clothes and shoes though is a good thing and that is being accomplished!!!

I don;t know if we will get out of the house today or not. I sure would like to. Today it is bothering me more than normal that I can't take Emma and go somewhere just the two of us. I would take back some clothes we need to return, maybe go to the library, or go visit a friend that is in a nursing home. Maybe I would even go see my sister? I just would go somewhere to get out of the house. Having to always rely on someone else to be able to leave the house gets old and discouraging some is a day it is bugging me. I can't even go for a walk. My scooter is put away for the winter. My neighborhood is hilly anyway and the roads have not been cleared well. So using the scooter outdoors in the winter is not an option in my neighborhood.

Listen to me whine. Maybe we could consider it being honest? I don;t like to think of myself as a complainer. I try really really hard not to complain about things especially related to MS. IT is such a serious disease and I am fortunate not to be in a nursing home or something like that - I should be happy I can function in my own home.

I am going to try to download some pictures from New Year's Eve and New Year's Day with the granddaughters. We had such fun. I really enjoy time with them. Sophia is growing up so darn fast. I can't believe she is 9 already. I heard last night she stayed overnight with her Grandma Carol and Grandpa Bob. Carol just broke her leg in two places and had surgery. She is very close to Sophia so I am sure they all had a fun time. Sophia cheered up her Grandma which is a good thing!! Anytime I see Rosa or Sophia it puts me in a good mood.

I am going to take Emma outside again. That will give me some fresh air which is good and playing with her as she romps in the snow will put a smile on my face. I do think Emma smiles. Even strangers sometimes comment that it looks like Emma is smiling. Emma loves the snow so much. Wonder is we will get a few inches or not. I am glad a blizzard or big storm is not predicted. Handling it a few inches at a time makes it easier to deal with.

More Later - Mary and Emma

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