Thursday, January 29, 2009

My star Emma

I love this picture of Emma taken soon after she came into my life. We were volunteering to gift wrap at Barnes and Noble as a fund raiser for Helping Paws.

We were home all day today and I think will be tomrrow also. I am so fatigued lately. The MS is flaring up a bit we think anyway. Rosa did come see us for about three hours. She cuddled as she is getting over a cold, played blocks, played with her dolly, and did quiet things. The time flew by. I thought she was so good...what a sweetheart she is...She was pretty fun to cuddle with today. I am glad she is feeling better.

We are invited to the movie "Taken" tomorrow but I think it looks too intense for me. We can be home, read, and maybe even get some laundry washed and folded before the weekend? Aren't there always things to do around the house? I think so.

After Rosa left I slept until almost 7 pm when my husband woke me. MS is wiping out all my energy these days but that is the way it goes sometimes. Emma was cuddled next to me and didn't even wake me to eat her dinner. Surprising.

I think we will be in bed by 9 pm. I have a book to start The Cape Ann (for Book club). Like always Emma enjoyed going outside today. She still amuses me. When I say time to come in - she normally takes one lap around the perimeter of our yard (fence line) as she rushes inside. She comes in so fast I have to make sure she doesn't know Rosa down. Rosa and Emma like eache other and are cute together.

Yeah for is suppose to be warm here Sat for a one day thaw if we are fortunate. Wishing you a good day.

Mary and Emma

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