Monday, January 5, 2009

Prayers Needed

I know two families dealing with the deaths of children. One is an ll month old twin daughter and another family an 18 year old. Both are doing some tests to see what happend. The 11 month old it was not SIDS she had been a bit ill but seemed to be getting better.

My daughter Anna is close friends with the mother of the baby. She spent the day with her yesterday and her family. Today she said she needed to go see my granddaughter Rosa and hug her and thank God she is healthy.

Thanks for your prayers. In both cases it is just so sad. Death is never easy. I wonder how people cope who do not have faith or do not believe in heaven?

Hug your family members a bit this week please... i hugged Emma too.

We were home most of today. We go to Water exercise tomorrow - yeah we get out of the house. IT sure seems difficult to deal with not being able to drive due to MS though it has been well over a year for me...oh thank goodness for friends who can help me out and my family too.

May your day go well. Emma and Mary

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