Thursday, January 8, 2009

MS Camp - Spring fever in January

Can you believe I have spring fever??? Or at least spring for thoughts !! YES IT IS TIME TO SEND IN REQUESTS TO GO TO MS CAMP!! I hope for May camp but will do May or August whatever I am given. Recall that last year I won the medallion hunt so we get to go for free - hip hip hurray for that fact. You will see besides the activies and action of camp Emma likes her naps!! This was my room mates sleeping bag that Emma loved to lay on. Maybe more cushy that what i brought last year ( a blanket). Tonya didn't mind but I will bring a nicer sleeping bag this year for sure for both of us to sleep on!

The best part of MS camp is the friends. I love the people I have gotten to know. It is a wonderful combination of new and old friends. We have such fun. The picture of me with my roomates is the beginning of the week. By the end we look kind of tired out. That is okay it is worth every minute good for the spirit and soul even if the body has to rest up a few days to recover from all the fun. I just love camp so much.

Tonya the one with the lighter hair called me today. The Camp is going to be smoke free this year. We don't smoke but many participants and some of the volunteers do smoke!!!! I wonder what that will mean as far as participation from both. I don't smoke but I know it is a difficult habit to give up.

Greg criticizes smokers. I say when I give up my habit of over eating i willl maybe think about that fact.

Well the MS events in upcoming months will help boost my spirits. The first is the couples getaway in Alexandria MN. Fun to get away...then there will be a day I lobby at the Capital for rights fot the disabled, then Women'ts Getaway in April and Camp in May or June.

Think all this and every month MS book club and weekly MS Water exercise and Monthly Support Group for people with MS also. Where would I be without the MS Society.

Itt is cold with snow predicted. As I snuggle in with my lovely Emma (who had a great day) We are thinking of camp. Emma likes it I think. We go for at least two walks in the woods or by the lake or gardens 2-3 days. We get to go to various activities. I think her favorite is yoga and meditation. She is the first one snoring in the meditation (with music) class.

Dream of summer days if you are sick of winter -- Mary and Emma

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