Friday, January 23, 2009


Yeah Emma is six today...

As a treat she got to sleep late .
She went grocery shopping with Greg and did an awesome job while i had tests at Mercy Hospital
They met someone whose Mom has MS and might need a service job - good job Emma showing off your skills

I will take pictures of our celebration and have more details. Thanks for the Emails....

Other good news - My husband had tests to see if their is any evidence of his kidney cancer returning and there is not. Yeah a clean bill of health.

We are celebrating tonight at home with our granddaughters and our kids will be here at least for a bit. Mike and Tia are having a date night so we will have the girls overnight.

Emma has a new bed to use tonight. Greg made her a special cupcake dessert made of dog food - and we bought candles too.

So nice to have good news to share. Watch for photos....

Mary and Emma

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