Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Emma is A wonderful Part of My Family

This my husband and I with Emma a few years ago. i guess I should take some more current pictures. I picked it today because I was thinking how much we both like having in our Home. She is helpful, interesting, and a topic of conversation. She is a good companion for me too.

Brr it is so cold today even Emma dashed in and out. We did go to water exercise though and that was a good thing. Then we went to lunch. A friend I met through the YMCA (she works/volunteers there) treated. She is very nice. While eating I dropped my napkin and Emma picked it up. Wendy was just amazed. i immediately told her more about how Emma helps me at home and when I am out in public too. It is so fun to surprise people with how smart she is and inform them of the rold of a helper dog.

It is so cold the restuarant which has many windows seemed so cool too. We had already started to eat when we noticed the chill from the windows so we stayed. Even Emma felt cold when i petted her at the end of the meal. At the time it was -5. I think it is suppose to get colder as the week goes on but believe me it felt cold today. Snow is expected tonight but not a storm in our area.

On cold nights Emma seems even more excited to hop up in bed with us. Usually she is happy at my feet. Lately she crawls up inbetween us wanting some petting before we fall asleep. Then we all snooze away. When I roll over though sometime the covers stay under her and I have to wake her and move her to readjust the blankets. Last night she then let out a big sigh and went to her own bed that is at my side on the floor (by the heat vent). Greg said i tossed and turned a lot so she must have gotten sick of it ha ha. She has her own nice warm bed of course.

In the kitchen today I dropped silverware I was gathering to wash up and other things. Emma was right there to help me. I am so use to having her around to help that I forget how amazing it is that a dog can be trained to be so helpful. She is my sweetheart for sure.

We are of course staying in on such a cold night. I am helping to finish up a mailing for Greg's work and don't mind that once in awhile. The nights seem so dark and cold. I think I heard when we wake up Thursday it is suppose to be -20 and never get above 0 all day. We will have to wear long underwear to swimming. Though I miss driving Emma and I get to climb into a semi warm van when are ride arrives so that is not all bad. I have a really warm coat. I don't have a coat for Emma as when it is this cold she is in the air only briefly. In our car and in the car of the person who drives me to swimming there is a blanket for her to use. She sits on it...but if a car broke down due to the cold I could wrap her in it for extra warmth.

The places we go typically are off main roads which are plowed well, and enough traffic someone would notice if you had car trouble. cell phones are nice to have too in this weather just in case.

Tomorrow we are home all day but will yeah be watching Rosa for a few hours in the afternoon. Emma and I will like that.

I better eat dinner and finish the mailing. May your day be especially nice....Emma and Mary

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