Thursday, January 1, 2009

Can it be 2009?

Wasn't it just yesterday we were wondering what would happen to our computers, water supply and othe things when the clocked moved us into the year 2000? Amazing that it can be 2009. YES we were up at midnight to usher in the New Year with Sophia and Rosa. I had to take two naps today to make it and am going to bed soon also. We had so much fun.

EMMA was loved up by both Rosa and myself. Rosa loves to hug Emma and kept saying "I love Emma". Sophia is alos good to Emma. We had fun at the grocery store new year's eve. Rosa alternated walking or sitting on my lap on the scooter. She surprised us when she took a bite out of a tomato when Grandpa Greg was bagging up some. Then he moved on and she ran back and bit two more. Yes we bought them. When he told me I said to Rosa (age 26 months) Did you really eat those tomatoes?
She replied "I love my matos". Next time we won't let her walk by tomatos but it all turned out fine. Sophia and Rosa didn't whine or anything in the store. They helped us pick out snacks and supper for them. They are so fun to be with.

In the evening we played with toys. Emma liked when I was sitting on the floor while they played with a small house with people that they gor for Christmas. THen Emma could be on her favorite spot on the love seat. Her noraml place to sit next to me. Otherwise when we watched tv she had to be on her floor pillow. She is so use to chosing which spot she wants. We ate supper later so the evening went by quickly. We watched How the Grinch stoled Christmas and then Disney Channel which Sophia really enjoyed. It was a nice evening.

We all slept well. Rosa sleeps with us so Emma slept in her bed. Sophia slept on a sleeping bag on the floor in our room. Rosa slept till 10:30 am. We were all tired. The morning was fun filled. After breakfast we made cookies. They loved using the cookie cutters and later frosting the cookies. Their Grandma Carol just got home from the hospital after badly breaking her leg in two spots. The surgery was yesterday. The girls took cookies to her which I thought was a great idea.

We also had fun playing with dolls. Anna had an American Doll from when she was younger that she said Sophia could use. Rosa a regular doll to play with. WE dressed them, did their hair etc. I think I had even more fun than the girls. Pretty sweet playing dolls with them.

At Sophia's request we had chocholate fondue. We waited till Mike and Tia came today and had it for all. We used strawverries and pretzels to dip in it. Rosa and I are bannana fanatics and I forgot to save some for the fondue. We should have bought more yesterday.

I hope this isn't boring as Emma and I had fun. Emma got lots of loving from the girls and from myself. She enjoyed the afternon nap with Greg and I today. I am not sure what we will be doing tomorrow but I think we will be home most the day.

I thank Judy and Helping Paws for the socialization they did with Emma. IT is very comforting to see how good she is with the children. She is patient, calm, and that is so nice to see.

What a great way to start the New Year. I just hope the New Year brings good news especially in the economy and for those with health concerns. It will be interesting with a new President to see what unfolds. I sure was glad I was not in the hospital. My asthma is bothering me tonight but so far I am managing with the meds I have here. Tomorrow or Sat my new nebulizer will be here.

Thanks for the nice notes you sent about my health. many said they knew when I didn't write for a few days that maybe something was not right. One suffested we should teach emma to blog ha h.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, Mary and Emma

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