Sunday, January 11, 2009

Emma Is the Greatest Helper Ever

Where would I be without this awesome dog? I am feeling more tired and shakey than normal today. Did I lay around in bed and mope - no as Emma let me sleep late (Greg fed her) but then woke me with her kisses. It is like she wants to say "Hey get up let's enjoy the day" up I got.

I went to the kitchen dropped silverware=and yep Emma picked that up. No time to feel bad that I am shakey. I have a helper when I cook, if I drop the newspaper, if I drop something in the bathroom, bedroom and so on. She is on the ball and ready to help me out.

I sat on the couch to watch a morning news show. Guess who brought me the blanket - this time before being asked? Yes Emma. She seems to smile she is proud to do this and yes she knows she will get a treat for this behavior - yeah Emma.

We just got in from outside. I can't just sit around as she is there needing exercise. Okay this time I watched from the patio door but she is so entertaining. She does her duty quick then explores - stopping frequently to look at me. She eagerly comes in when i say its time to do so. I decided today though I need better boots so my feet stay warmer when I go outside with her. Gosh my boots are so very old. I bet I can get some on sale this year.

I had to put in some laundry. We had sorted it on the floor but I am kind of dizzy today. Guess who is eager to pick it up and hand it to me so I can load the washing machine. You bettcha it is Emma. She enjoyed it like it was a great game today.

Upstairs we come. She is at my side and attentive. How can I sink into the blues when I have her to help me. Okay sometimes I do get a bit blue or frustrated but she is here to help me out and I enjoy that very very much.

I am finding that I have to build in time to review skills each day. We use to do that daily as a fun time but I got out of the habit since the hospitalizations. I have a new cane I want her to get more use to retrieving for me. I want to practice a few other things too. She will like that.

Depending how I feel our goal is to work on laundry (how I wish she could carry it upstairs for me) and then clean the kitchen and bedroom. The kitchen is almost done. Greg worked in the morning and will be home a few hours before working tonight. So he will bring up the laundry. Emma will help hand it to me from the basket to fold. She likes it so much it helps me enjoy the task. Again i wish she could put it away ha ha.

Emma will help in my bedroom as needed. Wish she could dust and boy i need to wash my curtains I realized. My bedroom seems to get so dusty and I don'/t know why more than other rooms? Emma just is so awesome in helping.

She is also awesome at calming me down or as a companion. In the middle of the night i couldn't sleep. I got up and read rather than lay and dwell on my problems. Yes she brought me the blanket and then cuddled up next to me. How great is that. She is just so awesome as a friend in my life. So accepting and reliable.

Hope all is well with you today. I put a big photo on this time and have no idea how that will look till it is published and I am done typing. My goal will be to get warm boots and take some outdoor photos this week with Emma.

Wishing you a good Sunday. We hope to go to church tonight with Greg if I feel okay and he is not working too late. Sometimes he has to go in and be there like five hours even after working in the morning and that gets too long for me when you include the driving time too. Emma will keep me company no matter what we do.

Emma, I love you so much. Thanks for being so awesome. Thanks more than i can ever express to Helping Paws Staff, Board Members, contributers, volunteers and especialy to Judy Michurski and her family for training Emma...she is the best.

Mary and Emma

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