Sunday, January 25, 2009

Emma's New Bed

Emma did not have to share her bed today of course. On her birthday Rosa had a good time playing on it both with or without Emma. Sophia found it a good spot to read. Honestly at first Emma looked at it, smelled it and then went to lay in her own pillow. Now it is moved from the living room to the bedroom in place of her old bed. She seems to like it and it has a washable cover. Gave me incentive to vacuum and dust in my bedroom today.

It was cold today so i watched Emma from indoors. I think she thought she was the entertainment for me. She just ran and ran around the room. She would run to the patio door to see me and then run some more. She was though very agreeable when it was time to come in - she tends to run faster when it is cold.

We did get out for a short break with my friend Jan. Just went and had a pop and chatted for a bit. It was good to get out of the house. I am doing laundry and hoping both Emma and I have the energy to fold it and put it away...wouldn't it be awesome if she could put it away. Despite the arm weakness (which was about the same yeah not worse today) we got some things don.

My energy is wearing low so not much more will get done today...just a load or two of laundry I hope.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. I will try to get another of just Emma on the bed soon...

Hope you had a good weekend, Mary and Emma

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