Saturday, January 24, 2009

Emma's Birthday Party Pictures

The pictures show Emma's party. I will have a few more. You have to turn your head to see her cake as I can't figure out how to put it otherwise on the computer for this site. Don't be alarmed the cake for her is truly made of dog food - Greg's creation.
She woofed it down pretty fast when she had the chance. You can see we were all in a happy mood.

Mike and Tia had a date night (Tia is above with Sophia) so we had the girls overnight which was fun. We napped a lot Sat though ha ha. We discovered the new dog bed was a big hit with the granddaughters. Emma happily shared it with thme unti l today and it is moved into our room where it belongs.

This will be short..I am having trouble with my left side weakness and tingling...kind of like when your foot falls asleep. It is making it hard to use my left arm/hand and now is also affecting my leg and foot. The hospital staff was fairly certain it was MS when I went for a test Friday. We will see how it plays out.

The girls had the cutest matching pajama's but not sure we have a good picture of that. Rosa was pretty active till bedtime..
She slept with us in bed and YES so did Emma. I know it might sound odd but it worked out fine. Emma curled up in the middle below Rosa. Cozy but it works...won't be long till that won't work though as Rosa is getting bigger and streches out more...we did just fine. Sophia and Anna camped out in the living to have a full house here.

We are off to bed...My Aunt called and sang Happy Birthday to Emma on the answering machine while we were out briefly today. She is 85 and I thought it was very sweet of her..

We also celebrated the news that Greg's cancer has not returned. He has had kidney cancer several times and only has part of one kidney left. He is tested routinely but good news is never taken for granted.

Wonder if he will sing me to sleep like he did Rosa last night??? Emma seemed to like it.

Mary and Emma hope you have a good weekend. Brr it will be -15 here tonight...

Mary and Emma

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