Tuesday, January 6, 2009


In Mn rhe Senate seat election results were so close between Norm Coleman and Al Franken that state law required a recount. Originally Coleman was ahead. Now Al Franken appears to have won though Norm Coleman filled suit against these results so it will take weeks or months until we know for sure who will be seated. Franken can not start till this is settled and Coleman is out of office as his term is over.

I know not all of you share my political views but among my friends even those who would rather have Coleman we all agree we want to have this settled. I don't like the idea of having only Amy Klobucher representing us. We need two senators. well we will see.

My son helped with Al Frankens campaign. At one event where Al spoke we were able to speak with him. He really liked Emma as you can see. I let him per her but I was surprised when her kisses were right on the lips and he didn't mind. He was very pleasant to talk to and i heard him speak at several different venues. I don't agree with everything from his satirist career but think he is sincere and will represent us well if this all gets finalized. I wonder how long it will take.

We had a great day at swimming and after school had time with my friend Jan who is a teacher. Tonight yeah we are getting out a bit to return some things from Christmas. Emma will get some exercise walking the store which is good. We are going to use a gift certifcate we got for Christmas and go to dinner too if all goes as planned. What a big day. Some days I go crazy being in the house all day and night and sometimes that is several days it seems...then a busy day like today...go figure.

Tomorrow a dr appt.

Hope you enjoy the picture of Emma. Mary and Emma

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