Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years Celebration

Rosa loves to hug Emma. Emma never seems to mind it either.

We made cookies New Years Day. They had great fun both cutting them out and frosting them. Who says you have to do them before Christmas?

Sophia Jan 1, 2009. I wanted a picture of her and she wanted to be creative. She is such a sweetie.

The pictures tell it all. We had a nice Christmas and a joyful New Year's Celebration. Did we tell you we even had chocolate fondue with strawberries? We will definitely try that again with more fruit when the whole family is present.

Now I have so many pictures on my computer. I treasure them and need to a) back the up (for sure) b)print some to frame for my home (how would I pick which ones?

I love my digital camera. Thank goodness I have one for my grandchildren. Wish they had been around for my children.

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