Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Movie - time with a Friend

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I am thinking summer again. Had time to view some of my favorite photos that are on my computer. Sophia's winning smile warms my heart any season. Rosa loves to blow bubbles and watch them float in the air. Emma is comfy in the grass. Was it months ago that we had flowers?

I am amazed to hear people have flowers or blooming trees in the winter. Of course I have always lived in MN. It is fun to hear from my cousin and other relatives about what it is like in warmer places this time of year. I also saw a friend's pictures from Mexico and that looked so warm also.

Today was not too bad as it was sunny. IT would have been a great day for outdoor activities like ice skating, skiing, sledding, or cross country skiing. I should have done more of that when I could have done so...well we did have fun. We went to the movie The Tale of Despereaux. A friend of mine Jan, is a teacher and wanted to see it. She read it with her class. The students said it was not true to the book and she agreed. It is a good show but not the same as the book in many ways. I will have to read the book. I will say I enjoyed it. Then we headed to the book store Borders to look at books and chat in the coffee shop area. Now we are home.

Tonight I hope to get some pep to accomplish something. I have laundry to do and want to clean out my dresser. I have Greg home so he can help carry the laundry up and down steps. Today I got very dizzy and also winded trying to climb the steps. I am not sure why that happened.

We are fine though - Sunshine helps any day be better. Greg is working on a home project of putting shelves in a closet so that is great. Should help us out a lot.

Hope you have a nice weekend. Let's hear it for friends who like to do things like go to a movie or chat with you (us). Emma and I really like spending time with Jan. I met her while teaching at St. John's in Excelsior...we just hit if off. Before she barely knew me she helped give me rides to school as even then i had trouble with my eyes and driving. We had great fun riding to and from work...we made it enjoyable...what a freind she is - such a blessing.

Take good care. I need to take more pictures of Emma and of the girl's with Mike and Tia too.

Have a good day, Mary and Emma

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