Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Cold Cold Day

If you could photograph "cold" that is the picture that you would see for the past days. The coldest in five years - so darn cold. Emma flew in and out to do her duty. Today we did venture out with friends. We saw the movie Defiance- I knew nothing about it just waned to go along...Wow it was a tear jerker, though also inspiring about how the people tried to survive in time of very sad at parts. Bring kleenix if you plan to see it - is an emotional movie.. It is a true story. If had known details I might have thought i couldn't handle it but all of us who went really were glad that we did see it. It is shot primarily in a forest so the photography was amazing...Emma slept through it all.

Tonight we had our Friday night with Rosa and Sophia. It was so cold that Mike and Tia also stayed and that was nice (rather than date night)...Sophia has violin lessons near our home and that is how this tradition began. We love it...

Emma has been a good companion - I am having some problems with depression. It is common with MS...I have so many blessing that this seems ridiculous to feel depressed...Emma seems to be even closer to me at these times. I don't what to complain as it seems to be part of my life - sometimes more evident than others.

The weather is suppose to start warming up. Even be ithe 30's by the end of the week..

More tomorrow...

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