Friday, January 2, 2009

Dinner Out what a treat

Sorry no pictures today - maybe tomorrow. Today we were around the house all day just working on chores and listening to my Mama Mia tape. I have the movie but have not watched that yet. Emma and I went outside several times and of course she loved the snow. I never tire of watching her dive into it. She likes to get her head as completely covered with snow as possible. I need to bring my camera outdoors. I need new batteries.

For a treat we went out to dinner tonight at a place called Flame in Rosedale. My food was awesome (a steak) Greg had fish that was just so-so. We took my daughter Anna with and she liked her burger. We had nice conversation and it was fun. We had a gift card that covered most the cost so wasn't that a big treat? Emma did great.

We headed into Rosedale and I walked a bit. We bought a book for my sister, and a few tops at Lane Bryant. I thought it was very busy. Anna said it was busier than the Sunday before Christmas. Greg noted not many people actually had bags of things they purchased. Like before Christmas he thought not a lot of people buying things.

Rosa has a little blanket here for her dolly. It is small. She left it on Emma's pillow in the living room. I moved it. Later I noticed Emma brought it back and was laying on it. Cute I thought.

Today in public we worked on get the leash and Emma did a great job. Normally that command she will do when we are alone. IF anyone is around she hesitates and looks like she wants to say "you get the leash". I am working on getting her to get the cane more often also. I use to have this neat grip on the cane that made it easier for her to pick up. It has worn out. She just needs practice with getting the cane without the helper peice for now - she can do it.

Hope you have a good weekend. Snow is predicted here Sat-Sun. Big Vikings game on Sunday.

Take care, mary and Emma

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