Sunday, February 1, 2009


MS is wiping me out. I went to bed at around 11 and slept till 12:30 and then needed a nap by 2. Unbelievable fatigue and weakness but for me this happens at times. So don't worry it will gradually get better. We did go to a super bowl party at my son Dan's. I would have taken a picture but forgot my camera at home. It was our family and some friends we knew. Greg and I were the old folks of the party. Dan was so welcoming, organized, and we had a good time. There was so much cheering that Emma loved her spot. She slept "under" his desk in the corner. She stayed put there. Near me and content to be out of the way.

Rosa was the life of the party. She got her hair cut and jabbered away. We had such a nice time. I was not in favor of any particular team and enjoyed the commercials. I also had opportunities to chat with my children, their friends, and Rosa too. I am so glad I mustered the energy to attend. Now off to bed.

Tomorrow another Dr appt (MOnday) and hopefully some chores and a nap. We will see what energy I have. My husband is being so helpful and of course so is Emma. Don't worry things will be okay.

Mary and Emma

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