Friday, February 6, 2009

Who takes Care of Who?

I am having a MS flare up. You know that. So the question is who takes care of who? I pondered that today?

Rosa - first it must seem puzzling that babysitting Rosa an active two year old works and she is a joy. Well on Wed she is here a few hours but I was realizing this. She comes, she snuggles, I don't have to lift her. We color for awhile or I watch her color. She climbs up and I read a book or two. We sing. She plays with Emma or lays and hugs her. We lay down for about an hour and watch her two favorite videos and sometimes she almost falls asleep but not quite. She gets a rest though and so do I. Then we get up. We have a snack and she plays with toys. I love watching her and Daddy comes and the time has flown by. Have I watched her? Well yes I have supervized her.

But ROSA has snuggled me, rested with me, entertained me so I think she HELPS me and gives me TLC I need especially with a flare up. I love her imagination, her smile, watching her play with her baby, her little people. It is my favorite afternoon of the week. I do think Rosa is helping care for me during this flare up. She is just so awesome and so easy. It is just a few hours and flies by. And if i can't do it then they arrange something else.

EMMA - I make sure she is fed and gets outside. I have her help so I do get out of bed and even in a MS flare up you have to push yourself a bit. I think she helps me try to get to water exercise even if I can't do it all. She helps me now more than ever in the dressing room, getting my cane, the towel, openning the door. Gosh that helps me so much.

At home I am teaching her the names of more things. So if I need something I can say get the -- and she knows what I mean.
phone, blanket, napkin, silverware, clothing, and so many things. But I realize she knows the names of more things since I say them rather than just say get it - pretty cute. We put things on so she can open the firg (not just close it) and are adapting as needed. She definitely is helping.

My husband - is awesome. Cooking, shopping, doing dishes, laundry, and everything. By evening last night he literally had to bring the plate to me, cut my meat, and help in so many ways...even pull up the covers for me I got so weak. Thankfully I am not always that extremely weak all day.

You - I am getting nice notes. When I do blog it perks me up. I am hoping I don't complain so much. You hear of people like with cancer where people say "they never complain". For real? Can anyone really deal with chronic illness and NEVER complain to anyone?

I hope you keep reading. I hope if their are days that I can't write that you won't give up on me. I bet I would blog though to no one? i really have no way of knowing how many read this? Emma and I will keep trying to do it daily

Thanks for being there from Emma and Mary

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