Monday, February 9, 2009

Reading Books

We had a relaxing afternoon with Rosa and Emma. I don't know why I didn't try to get Emma into this photo. I have to move fast to get the photo and am just learning how to take photos on my phone. We were at Barnes and Noble and took time to read in order to select what books to buy for our home. Once home at my house Rosa wanted to read even more books. Emma content to lay by us and I think she listens to the sound of my voice. It was fun.

When they picked her up Mike, Tia and Anna came for supper. Greg was the cook. We had a nice time. Anna always is so good to take Emma outside. Emma seems happy when they are around.

I fell asleep in my new recliner minutes after they left according to Greg. I rarely fall asleep in a chair so maybe this is a good sign. The new chair seems very comfy. Though Emma likes to be on the love seat with me so I will do that too. Now we are off to bed. Hope to find some time to read tomorrow....but also will go to water exercise. Today I felt better than I have for many weeks or months...yeah for that...enjoyed time with Greg, Rosa and Emma during the afternoon...

Hope your Tuesday goes well.....Mary and Emma

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