Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One Day at A Time

I am going to take some time to write before I nap. We just got home from water exercise. I got tired but it was good to go. I won't have any trouble napping ha ha. We went to the lung specialist yesterday who had ordered some heart and lung tests. The heart is fine. The lung tests show I have only 43% of the muscle strength you should have for breathing. He thinks most the problem is the Multiple Sclerosis. I do not know if the MS Specialist would agree as that is rare but the tests have not shown any other explanation for this problem.

I am also having problems with a MS flare up. I am very tired and sleeping so much, I am experiencing more vision problems and weakness. In time we hope this will improve. It just takes time. Sometimes they put you on steroids to feel better sooner but we are not doing that due to the fact i have diabetic problems to deal with now anyway - no sense making that worse. So Emma and I are resting a lot.

Tonight I am going for a sleep study. I have sleep apnea but might be put on a bi pap instead of a c pap machine. This helps people with lung weakness. If they decide I need it I should find more sleep more restful. I have been having trouble with my traditional c pap machine and mask. So see there is lots going on for me. Emma will sleep at home with Greg tonight but she won't mind having my whole side of the bed. I will be all wired up and also need to be sure she is not waking me up or anything as they evaluate my sleep...so being at home will be the best for her.

My husband is doing more than usual to help keep up with things at home after his busy days at work. He is so kind. I think he is getting a taste of what it would be like to live alone as I sleep so much and help so little.

We did manage to go to my son's super bowl party. The whole family was there and friends. It was such fun. I slept all day before we went and was soon asleep once we got home. I am so glad I didn't miss it though. I forgot my camera so I don't have pictures. It was his first time having a group at his own apartment and he was an awesome host. Food was yummy and everyone had a great time together. Rosa added entertainment to the evening.

There were 16 adults I think - Emma was happy to curl up in a corner under my son's desk near where I was sitting. She slept away and I think was glad to be in her own quiet spot. She was wonderful.

So I am managing by taking it one day at a time. This is why I don't work so on the hard times I can sleep, rest and take it easy. My tremor is worse too i guess as one of the women at swimming was surprised to see. I think I always have a tremor but apparently it was more evident or something. Brr the water in the pool was freezing. IT would have been easy to stay home, stay warm and sleep. I am proud that Emma and I got out of bed and went. Good for my body to strecth and move even if I am worn out.

I won't write more tonight due to the sleep study. Imagine me hooked up to lots of wires as they monitor my sleep...

Sweet dreams Emma and Mary

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