Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Water Exercise and Sleeping

The title of this entry pretty much sums up our day. We slept late. Do you know how much Emma likes to go back to bed. Greg got up with her because I was so tired, fed her and went out with her. She rushes back into bed with me and cuddles up close for like an hour. When I woke up she looked at me as if to say "Are you sure we have to get up?"

After my breakfast and a bit of clean up etc I take her out again. Then off to water exercise. She has her own special captains chair to sit in my friends van. She likes to look out the window. Then off we go. She opens the door for us at the YMCA and knows the routine for water exercise. We had a new life guard today that was so amazed at how Emma lays on the towel and watches the class. Okay she closes her eyes a bit but keeps checking on me. If there is extra noise she is all eyes on me. Today only 6 of the 14 came to class so it was quiet.
We went to subway with friends on the way home. I crawled into bed very fatigued and Emma joined me. We slept till dinner time. Fell asleep in the chair a bit so I am up now but off to bed.

Emma is doing well. She is a big puzzled as rain the past days has left our yard with very little snow. She looks around as if she is figuring out where to play, roll around etc. Fortunately for me she did not try to dive into the muddy mess at all. We had a big thunder and wind storm last night that I slept through. Emma woke Greg up and he reassured her. I don't know if I was so sound asleep that she couldn't wake me or what.

Off to bed now...hope you are all doing well. My health the past two days seems about the same. That sounds weird but to me is a good sign even if I rest a lot. Thanks for the cards and good wishes and email.

Hope all is well with you and yours..Mary and Emma

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