Monday, February 16, 2009

A Quiet Day with Friends

We had a nice quiet day. I spent most the mornning in bed resting after I woke up. Tonya and her daughter came to see me around 2 and Greg had just left. Her daughter Mary took Emma for a walk later they went outside in the back yard a few time.
Both Tonya and Mary were helpful getting me water and helping as needed. It was good to talk with them and pass the time together.

Greg will be home soon and help me get ready for bed. Emma is doing fine. Movement is still stiff and my limbs feel heavy. The pain is not as severe and gosh I am grateful for that fact. I can sleep better now.

Emma seems sleepy today and not sure why. Maybe she is more relaxed since I am not in so much pain and distress? We will not be going to water exercise tomorrow. Will see each day what I can handle or not.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers

Emma and Mary

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