Monday, February 23, 2009

Cuddling Up With Rosa

Monday I did get in a nap with Emma. We went to book club and tonight enjoyed dinner out due to a gift certificate we received from my daughter at Christmas. Greg watched Rosa till I got home from book club. I was greeted by an enthusiastic "Yeah Grandma's Home".

We tried to nap with Rosa. It was so cute Rosa was laying next to me and Emma fell asleep with her head on Rosa's lap. Rosa almost fell asleep too. We didn't dare take a picture because we didn't want to wake them...but Rosa didn't quite fall asleep and the phone rang...bummer.

Rosa rested anyway. She watched a kids musical video with Grandpa while Emma and I napped. Emma and I snoozed and I still hope to go to bed soon. I feel so much better than last week but gosh I am still pretty tired and weak on that left side.

At book club I found one of the newer members has this same problem with nerve pain and it flaring up at times. She said trying not to get over tired makes it easier to deal with for her. She and another woman said it is something you learn to live with as even with the meds they both still have times with a lot of pain. I am hoping that is not the case for me at this point. I will be glad that the discomfort was not as bad today.

Emma seemed to like going in the car. She was so cute cuddled up with Rosa and I and Grandpa in bed. All of us resting. Then when Greg left she stayed with Rosa and I awhile. Rosa is so gentle with Emma and Emma so gentle with Rosa.

We will see how I feel tomorrow before I know if I will try water exercise. If I go I likely would not do the full workout yet as to not have pain and not get too worn out. We can see how it seems in the morning.

Thanks for the cards and prayers. This was a big day so we are headed to bed and it is not even 8 yet here.

Mary and Emma wish you sweet dreams

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